Corporate Citizenship

Showing the world that I-CON Cares

Social Impact & Initiatives

Water conservation is a fundamental priority at I-CON, and so is bettering the lives of those in our community. By partnering with inspiring organizations, our employee-led initiatives have provided basic essentials, funds, and other support to those in need. With an emphasis on care, our team has hosted successful initiatives including a food drive and a hygiene kit build. Moving forward, we plan to partner with many more organizations to show the world that I-CON Cares.

In 2022, I-CON has donated over 1,000 food items, 1,000 school supply items, and 6,000 hygiene products to those in need, and we aren't done yet.

Water Saving Innovation

Our goal is to design and manufacture quality products that combine water efficiency with cutting-edge innovation. One way we do that is by teaming with organizations that promote sustainability and safety both in the US and abroad. Below are some of the programs we partner with and certifications that we have earned.


Encourages water-efficient innovation in products and manufacturing, sponsored by the EPA.


Maximizes efficiency and sustainability in buildings for communities.

Uniform Plumbing Code

Certifies product performance and public safety measures.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Connects engineers to quality assurance standards through globally recognized accreditation.


Certifies product safety for items sold in Australia.