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Sustainable Water Management: The Future of Smart Water Controls in Correctional Facilities

1 Hour CE Credit - AIA/HSW, ASPE, and USGBC

This course covers sustainable water management in correctional facilities, with a focus on smart plumbing systems that can help reduce water usage and operating cost. The course begins by exploring the water usage patterns with a particular emphasis on shower water usage, which is one of the largest categories of water use at correctional facilities. The course then examines the various components of smart plumbing systems, including leak detection, lockout controls, and wireless mesh networks, and how they work together to reduce water usage and improve maintenance. Additionally, the course discusses LEED credits and the potential return on investment for implementing smart plumbing systems in correctional facilities. Finally, the course concludes with a discussion of case studies that demonstrate the actual water savings and ROI of smart plumbing systems in correctional facilities.

Learning Objectives
  1. Understand the water use patterns in correctional facilities, and the significant role that plumbing fixtures play in overall water consumption.
  2. Learn about the latest water management technologies and solutions, and how they can be applied to increase water efficiency and safety in correctional facilities.
  3. Understand how the implementation of these technologies can improve the safety, health, and welfare of inmates and staff, while also contributing to overall sustainability efforts.
  4. Explore case studies that demonstrate the real-world benefits of implementing smart water control and management systems, including the associated water savings and return on investment (ROI).

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