Case Studies

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State of Florida

Over 200,000,000 Gallons Saved Annually
Florida Department of Corrections

After retrofitting approximately 20 institutions, the Florida Department of Corrections is currently saving over 200 million gallons of water annually at those facilities. Since starting the I-CON retrofit in 2003, the FDOC has conserved over 1 billion gallons of water.

That's enough water to supply approximately 10,000 residential homes with water annually. This has saved the State of Florida & taxpayers over $6.2 million.

Putnamville Correctional Facility

81,152,400 Gallons Saved Annually*
Indiana Department of Corrections

The Putnamville Correctional Facility is a medium security, 2,460 bed facility located in west central Indiana. In 2007, the facility initiated an aggressive water conservation program comprised of efficiency measures, including our I-CON retrofit plumbing systems. Prior to the retrofit, in September of 2007, the facility used 14,367,500 gallons of water. After the retrofit, during that same monthly period in 2009, the facility used 7,604,800 gallons. "Their great success is easily measured..., on the water bill, from the municipality, every month," according to Kevin Orme, Director, Division Of Construction, Indiana Department of Correction.

*Based on Sept 2007 vs Sept 2009 = 6,762,700 a month x 12

Chino Men's Min, RCE, RCE; Women's; and Stark Youth Facilities (5 Facilities)

118,979,000 Gallons Saved Annually*
California Department of Corrections

Overview: As part of a water conservation grant (Prop. 18) from the State of California Department of Water Resources, approximately 3,000 I-CON flush valve systems were provided to five CDCR sites. Retrofits started in the summer of 2006 and were completed in the fall of 2007. The report data reflects water usage from the various facilities that received these water saving retrofits, and the data shows that the State is saving approximately 119 million gallons of water annually. The plant managers report high satisfaction with the I-CON products.

*Based on Fall of 2007 - Fall of 2008 utilities

State of Virginia - Phases 1 through 3 (13 Facilities)

Approximately 159,000,000 Gallons Saved Annually
Virginia Department of Corrections

The State of Virginia Department of Corrections developed an infrastructure improvement program that is expected to save the DOC more than $1.8m per year. The program included water conservation, reducing water use to the tune of approximately 159 million gallons per year.

George Bailey Detention Facility

$942,000 of Water and Sewer Cost Saved Annually
County of San Diego Water Conservation Project

The County of San Diego initiated a project in May 2009 to retrofit the George Bailey Detention Facility with the I-CON system. The project was completed in November 2009. The project reduced water consumption at the facility by 56 percent, and with one of the highest water and sewer rates in the country, the project is delivering annual water and sewer savings of $942,000 with a six month simple payback. This project is an example of the County of San Diego’s commitment to reduce our impact on the environment while saving the taxpayers money.

Riverbend Correctional Facility

Approximately 34,294,872 Gallons Saved Annually
Tennessee Department of Corrections

The first full year after the completion of the installation of the I-CON System, the facility saved approximately $300,000 in water and sewage charges. In a comparison provided by the facility and based on the utility bills for August 2007 vs. August 2008, water usage decreased by 2,857,906 gallons that month, which resulted in a savings of $18,365 over the August 2007 water bill.