Correctional Industry Solutions

Present and Future

Electronic plumbing control systems drive the future of the plumbing industry. They are more reliable and less expensive to maintain than traditional mechanical and pneumatic systems commonly found in the industry.

I-CON systems can be used in new construction and retrofit work.

Benefits and Features

  • Water savings of up to 75%
  • Most systems pay for themselves in 2-5 years
Retrofit Systems
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Consumable parts last three times longer than comparable products on the market
  • Preferred for cost savings, security, and reliability
More Security and Greater Control with the Touch of a Finger Using ENVISAGE®

ENVISAGE offers greater security by allowing facility staff to control and monitor all plumbing fixtures using a graphic display of the facility's floor plan. With the touch of a finger, our customers can lockdown, flush remotely, schedule usage, and control all of the parameters for a single cell, multiple cells, or the entire facility. It makes contraband searches and inmate extractions easier. Easy maintenance and great features keep your facility plumbing system secure and functional.

Only I-CON Flush Valves Can Prevent Toilet Fires

While standard diaphragm flush valves allow water to continually run if the pressure is too low, the MOMENTUM® flush valve's positive reset keeps that from happening, preventing toilet fires. This can save thousands of gallons per minute.

Install Flush Valves in Remote Locations

I-CON’s MOMENTUM flush valves can be located remotely while maintaining proper GPF requirements, unlike our competitors’ valves. Many other I-CON products are also suitable for remote to remote location, including valves for lavatories, showers, urinals, and drinking fountains. Combined with our electronic controllers, we can offer customized systems that fit each facility’s needs, whether it is reduced maintenance, enhanced security, or easy one-touch controls.

System Anatomy 101

NEXUS® Controller
  • Master control device
  • Microprocessor programmed at the factory with run-times, delays, and lockout periods
  • System designed to discourage misuse and conserve water
  • Savings from reduced water usage, sewage costs, and vandalism costs
TruTOUCH® Pressure Activated Sensor
  • Solid stainless-steel housing
  • Pressure activation circuitry
  • Completely waterproof
  • Activated when 4-12 ounces of pressure is applied to the button
  • Includes MOMENTUM flush valve, 5775 series shower valve, ELEMENT® manifold, ZEPHYR® pneumatic retrofit, and 4202 series mechanical cartridge retrofit
  • Adaptable to existing plumbing systems or new applications
  • Most dependable and user-friendly valves in today’s industry