High Security Fixtures

Innovative designs built to stand the test of time

Combination Fixtures

FXR-S-1010 Series

15" Combination Fixture

FXR-S-1020 Series

18" Combination Fixture

FXR-S-1030 Series

20" Combination Fixture with Angled Toilet

FXR-S-1110 Series

18" Anti-Ligature Combination Fixture

FXR-S-1910 Series

ADA Combination Fixture

FXR-S-1920 Series

ADA Compact Combination Fixture

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FXR-S-4010 Series

15" Lavatory with Angled Sides

FXR-S-4020 Series

18" Lavatory with Angled Sides

FXR-S-4110 Series

18" Lavatory

FXR-S-4120 Series

20" Lavatory

FXR-S-4310 Series

18" Open Bottom Lavatory

FXR-S-4320 Series

20" Open Bottom Lavatory

FXR-S-4910 Series

ADA Lavatory

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FXR-S-5010 Series

Shower Panel

FXR-S-5110 Series

30" x 30" Shower Cabinet

FXR-S-5130 Series

36" x 36" Shower Cabinet

FXR-S-5910 Series

ADA Shower Panel

FXR-S-5960 Series

ADA Shower Cabinet

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FXR-S-3010 Series

On Floor Blowout Toilet

FXR-S-3020 Series

On Floor Siphon Jet Toilet

FXR-S-3110 Series

Off Floor Blowout Toilet

FXR-S-3120 Series

Off Floor Siphon Jet Toilet

FXR-S-3130 Series

Compact Off Floor Blowout Toilet

FXR-S-3140 Series

3 Bolt Off Floor Blowout Toilet

FXR-S-3810 Series

Detox Toilet

FXR-S-3910 Series

On Floor ADA Blowout Toilet

FXR-S-3920 Series

On Floor ADA Siphon Jet Toilet

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FXR-S-2110 Series

Straddle Washdown Urinal

FXR-S-2120 Series

Straddle Blowout Urinal

FXR-S-2310 Series

Stall Washdown Urinal

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