How Our Systems Conserve

I-CON's commitment to conservation helps create less waste and preserves our natural resources.

  • Reduce the amount of incoming water
  • Reduce the amount of water being heated
  • Reduce the amount of sewage

For more information on how our systems help support sustainable building goals by conserving natural resources, contact our sales department.

Intelligent Plumbing Systems' Impact

  • Water and sewer savings ranging from 65% to 75%, depending on the system installed
  • Up to 80% overall savings in some facilities
  • Expenses like sewer lift station upgrades postponed indefinitely due to reduced water volume

Conservation and Lowering Costs in the Correctional Industry

  • An average correctional facility with 900 cells and 1800 inmates uses 98,555,000 gallons annually on average
  • One state agency that has retrofitted 20 institutions since 2003 is saving over 200 million gallons annually
  • That state agency has saved taxpayers over 1 billion gallons and $6,208,884 so far
  • Together, we can reduce depleting our water supplies and save money

Going for LEED Certification?

View the results on how much our flush valves reduce water consumption on the following existing fixtures:

  • 3.5 gallon fixtures with I-CON MOMENTUM® flush valves flush at 1.52 GPF
    View Report
  • 1.6 gallon fixtures with I-CON MOMENTUM flush valves flush at 0.9 GPF
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