Our Technology

Engineering the future

Cutting Edge

With over 100 patents and patents pending, we created the standard for intelligent water conservation and remain committed to engineering the best systems available. Our ongoing challenge is to continually ask ourselves what the next breakthrough in technology-based water conservation will be and then rise to the challenge.

A History of Being First

Here are just some of the advancements that we introduced to the market first:

  • T-Seal technology with better performance and reliability than diaphragms and pistons
  • Wirelessly controlled plumbing fixtures
  • Communicating plumbing fixtures with onboard data logging
  • Real-time, cloud-based analytics for plumbing fixtures
  • Vandal-resistant, stainless steel sensor with no moving parts
  • Touch screen interface to control our plumbing networks
  • Flush 1.6 gpf on a 3.5 gpf fixture
  • Toilet fire prevention with our MOMENTUM® flush valve
  • Lavatory valves without diaphragms
Illustration of a cloud overlaid on traces from an electrical circuit

Pushing the Technological Envelope


Our ProLAST® is powered by the T-Seal, a new and innovative technology that replaces pistons and diaphragms. The T-Seal's one-piece design, large bypass, and lack of natural rubber components means it has better performance, reliability, and water efficiency than anything else on the market. The T-Seal is the new standard. Learn more.


TruFLUSH® technology is the most accurate, dynamic, and reliable flushing control system on the market. It ensures the perfect flush every time by monitoring pressure, flow, and other parameters and dynamically adjusting the flushing action of our electronic COBALT® valves. By remembering past flush mapping signatures and using smart algorithms, TruFLUSH® can determine when a valve needs maintenance or if other system parameters could be affecting performance. TruFLUSH® is technology that learns.


ENVISAGE® puts water management in correctional facilities at your fingertips. ENVISAGE® features a customizable, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to monitor and maintain I-CON systems. Quickly see the status of each cell and control each fixture to prevent water abuse and the destruction of contraband. Save on water heating costs with weekly shower schedules. ENVISAGE® makes saving time, money, and water in correctional facilities easier than ever.

All-in-one computer showing ENVISAGE® overlaid on a photo of the interior of a prison